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We can help create the sophisticated, elegant living room you have always desired for your home.

Creating Your Style

From space-planning to narrowing down selections for furnishings, flooring, lighting, to adding accents and accessories, we oversee all aspects of your living room remodeling process while infusing your personal style in every detail, bringing new life to your space.

Planning Your New Living Room

The success of your full-scale design, construction, or remodeling project starts with a solid plan. The design professionals at Accent Interiors are here to help every step of the way by providing space planning, furnishings, and lighting, window treatments, accents, and accessories.

Let Us Help

We are committed to helping you achieve your dream living room. We want you to “Love Your Space”! From creating the design concept to overseeing the construction and/or installation in your new space, our team can take care of everything, on-time and within budget..