The living room, as it’s very name suggests, is a place where you want to be comfortable and enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones. There are many ways to make this integral room more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

• Downsize. Don’t make the mistake of putting too much effort into your living room and stuffing it with so many furnishings, electronics, artwork and other things that it has a cluttered look. If you create a more balanced look that gives people space to move around, the decorative items will stand out more. If you have kids, set rules about not leaving toys lying around the living room.

• Decorate the room with large plants. If you want to instill an organic look to your living room, consider adding one or more large plants. These work especially well in corners. On a similar note, flowers in vases are a natural way to infuse the room with color.

• Install a large bookcase. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and ornate bookcases are always an elegant feature in a living room. Remember, you can fill these with more than books. Sculptures, photos, music collections and decorative pottery are just a few ideas

• Decorate with accent pillows. Cushions and pillows on the furniture give various parts of the room additional color and style. You can choose pillows of various sizes, sizes and colors to match your style. Don’t overdo it, but a few of these scattered around the room are a good way to command attention to certain spots.